Friday, January 18, 2013

A Visit from the Queen

I've mentioned my dealer before. In other circles she goes by the name of the Craft Queen. Every time I see her, she hands over a bag or two of booty. This week she paid us a visit, and she didn't disappoint.

I've known the Craft Queen, aka Nicole, since high school. Craft runs in her veins. She grew up in a gingerbread house adorned wall to floor by her incredibly crafty mother. Together they would patchwork and scrapbook and quilt the days away. No teenager had a tidier, more beautifully decorated room. There was a running joke that our friend Ollo avoided coming to visit because he was afraid that while he was inside sipping tea and passing the time of day, Nicole's mum would be outside decoupaging his car. It never happened, but it would've been bloody good.

I've used Craft Queen buttons on many of my handknits - see here and here and here and here. Her wooden and coconut buttons are my favourite, but I think I'll be trying out some of the new Fimo ones soon. She also supplies an enormous range of ribbons and papercraft supplies, and there's a huge shipment of washi tape on its way.

My girls had a wonderful couple of days entertaining, and being entertained by, the Craft Queen. Lola has very happily taken on the Craft Princess title, disappearing into her room and her restocked craft cupboard to make stuff. Last I looked, there was a pair of cardboard spectacles and a new cuddly toy called Fluff.

Disclosure: The Craft Queen didn't ask me to write this post, and while she does provide me with an endless supply of buttons and ribbons, she didn't pay me either. She did, however, 'accidentally' leave two huge tins of home-baked biscuits on my kitchen bench which I discovered long after she'd skipped town...


  1. Oh my goodness wow! To have/know someone who can supply you with such lovely thinsgs..the best! And now that you've mentioned biscuits, I may need to make some!

  2. Those ribbons are beautiful!
    They remind of gorgeous ribbon belts that my mother used to make for my sister and me.

  3. Those wooden buttons are so gorgeous. I'm not a knitter, but I will be jazzing up some of my daughters store bought cardigans this Autumn!

  4. I love wooden buttons, when I was little I had a necklace made from them. It was my treasure!

  5. What a wonderful friend to have! That pile of trim has me drooling. I had some of the bird kind at one time, but I think I've used it all up.

  6. Wish I had a friend like that, buttons and biscuits- lucky you! I wish she'd deliver to NZ!


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