Monday, January 14, 2013

Honey Plum

Remember that tree? Turns out it's a plum. I was out there the other day, looked up, and saw a little yellow fruit. Then another, and another. A few days later they were red, soft and sweet. 

On the weekend I picked a handful. Gazed at them on the kitchen bench for a while. Decided to make them into a cake.

A honey plum cake for a wet Sunday when the heat finally broke and things started to feel a bit normal again. Normal, not necessarily because of the drop in temperature, but because I was in the kitchen, baking.

Rich and squishy honey plum cake

100g butter
1/3 cup caster sugar
1/3 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup honey
1 egg
1 cup self-raising flour
3/4 cup milk
squeeze of lemon juice
tiny plums plucked from a tree in your backyard on a hot summer's day

Preheat oven to 160 degrees C. Grease and line a 20cm springform cake tin.

Beat together butter and sugars until creamy. Add honey and egg and continue to beat. Add flour, milk and lemon juice and beat till smooth. Don't worry if it curdles a bit.

Pour batter into cake tin. Cut the cheeks off your tiny plums and scatter them over the batter. Don't worry about getting fancy - they're going to sink. Place tin in oven and cook for 50-55 minutes, until a skewer inserted comes out cleanish.

Allow to cool slightly in tin, then remove to a rack. Invert onto a plate to reveal the sunken plums. Drizzle with extra honey, and eat.


  1. Yum! Our plums have finished now but our peach trees are nearly ready. Going to make sure I bottle plenty! xo

  2. Oh Greer you talented lady! That looks fantastic! I remember my grandparents having a plum tree in their yard... Sadly both grandparents are no longer here and each time I visit Melbourne I drive past their little old home... I miss them :)

    Sophie xo

  3. oh my, this would go sooooo well with my cuppa right now! delicious :)

  4. That looks so delicious, Greer. Sadly, the same little plums in my garden were "fried" during the 42C temps last week and now resemble large sultanas! Now there's a thought, perhaps I could try using them in a fruit cake recipe!

  5. Yummy - that cake looks delicious. Thanks for sharing the recipe - look forward to making it sometime when our plums are back in season.

  6. That cake looks so yummy. What I would give for a slice right now :-) x

  7. What a great Idea! I have a peach tree with tiny peaches on it. They are all starting to fall off but are sweet and soft so I think I'll make a cake!

  8. Holy moly that puppy looks moist! Kellie xx

  9. That looks devine! I have a plum tree like that but the birds beat me to them. I did get my own back though and picked all the apricots before they got wind of them, I'm going to use some of them in this cake instead of the plums - yum!

  10. Just catching up here ... and arriving in time for cake, clever me. It looks delicious, Greer, I can't wait until I can come by plums again!

    Beautiful pics of your girls you've been posting lately :D

  11. Yummo! I never thought of using plums in a cake..thanks for sharing your recipe! I only got a few off our tree this year and i had forgotten what it was as the twins had taken all the fruit tree cards not long after we planted so i forgot what we had planted!!Have a little stash still in the fridge just perfect for this recipe though. Hope you got the cool change coming through x

  12. Hmmmm. We have a plum tree but the plums are so tiny. They didn't taste good but I wonder if making something like this with sugar would be good. I will try it this summer. Thank you for the great idea.

  13. That would go down nicely with my cuppa right about now :)

  14. Lovely. We used to have plum tree in our little garden and it was a joy - the amount of fruit it produced was incredible and I would often make a Nigel Slater plum cake. Then my well intentioned Mum pruned it quite severely and it went and died. I still miss it.

    Gillian x

  15. ahhhh, plums. i cannot resist any dessert with plums...or rhubarb! yum. my nanna used to make the best plum jam ever, back in her jamming days. she would always send us away with jars of our favourite jams - plum for me, apricot for my little sister, and fig for my dad. plums always make me a little nostalgic :) funny how food does that.

  16. This looks delicious. My old painting professor has a plum tree. I loved the bread I made with the ones she gave me years ago. Now to find some plums...

    PS--I'm your newest follower. Would you want to check out my blog too?


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