Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Lovelies

Counting down to the end of summer holidays, the first day of kindergarten, a very, very big year ahead for all of us...

1) Big feet, little feet.
2) A very special trip to the city, just me and my girl.
3) Ohhhh... I finally spent last year's birthday gift voucher. Ohhh...
4) I wish she'd play this independently during the day. She sets up the best games ever - right on bedtime!
5) Apple pickin'. A little early but we had to beat the birds.

Hoping all sorts of loveliness comes your way this week. I'll be taking lots of deep breaths. Lots.


  1. I hope Lola's first day is magical and memorable! Remember to keep breathing mummy dearest :) Apple picking... Lovely :)

    Sophie xo

  2. First day of Kindergarten, that's exciting and scary! The apples and wool look delicious. Don't you love that kids can be so sweet and cute right on or after bedtime?

  3. I do wonder about the timing of these types of games and the timing of regular toilet visits when one is supposed to go to sleep:) Ooh the yarn looks beautiful, I love new yarn. Will be thinking of you when kindy starts sounds like all sorts of fun things for you this year Greer. xx

  4. Kindergarten is so exciting! Best of luck to you both on your big day :)

  5. She will love kindy, my girl is off to her first day this week too. She remembers it well from dropping her big brother off there when she was one. In fact she had her first spectacular tantrum in the kindy carpark when I attempted to extract her from home corner. She was 13 months old and it was definitely a sign of her future temperament! And yes she starts playing with her dollhouse in the loungeroom right at bedtime. mel x

  6. The first thing that came into my head, goodness that's a shiny floor!

    Lovely lovelies Greer, and ooh, Quince, marvellous stuff, all of it :D

    Thank you for the get well wishes :D

  7. I do like your photos, I really do. Just lovely. Good luck to Lola with starting kindergarten. It's a big step but I bet she'll love it. I couldn't get over how quiet the house felt when Bella started.

    Gillian x

  8. youre daughter is too cute! wonderful photos & i love apples!!!!!!


  9. you should join in with the weekly stills thing, well, I'd love to have you. It's dorky I know but you're more than welcome.

    xo em


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