Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Lovelies

A sample of the loveliest lovelies from the past week, and beyond - making up for the lack of a Christmas post this last year.

1) Cousins.
2) Before.
3) After.
4) Thanks for the purple bubbles, Santa. Not messy at all.
5) I'm sure there are similar photos of me, my siblings and cousins at this age.
6) Ladybird.
7) A woman's work is never done.
8) Fruit picking in our own backyard!

Wishing you all a lovely, lovely week.


  1. SO lovely. that is the cutest little clothesline!

  2. Love all of these - especially all the kids crammed in the tub together, that never gets old! And that little washing line is fantastic! I think my little one would love that, she already hands me pegs and the washed clothes from the machine.

  3. Ooh, we're out of fruit. Can I have some? So lucky to have their cousins around. Beautiful.

  4. Lovely! Especially the one of them all in the bath :-) x

  5. Love the photos, so Summery! And the fruit- what a haul! x

  6. Beautiful photos! Looks like there were some wonderful memories created :)

  7. You really can't beat fruit from your own backyard. The bathtub pic is brilliant. Happy 2013 Greer! xo

  8. Beautiful pictures of beautiful moments! So interesting to think about fresh fruit on your backyard on Christmas. The girls had the first snow of the year here.

  9. Lovely photos. Fresh fruit picked yourself- the best sort.


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