Sunday, June 23, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013" via Che and Fidel.

Lola: She informs me that an orange is made entirely of juice. "What about those bits?" I ask, pointing at the flesh and pith. "Oh, that's just chewy juice."
Pearl: Deep in discussion about how to deal with scary foxes, her sister suggested hair pulling. "No, Stella, they're too delicate."
Stella: I asked her for the 10th time tonight to please stop talking and go to sleep. And 10 times, she continued on in a whisper without pausing for breath.

Previous 52 portraits here.


  1. Bless the big words... 'Delicate'! Sunny's word of the week is 'Stupendous'! Chewy juice - Lol. I love the things kids come out with. Should I be worried that Sunny is fascinated by blood at the moment? Everything we come across she asks if it has blood inside it! Curious little beings bu they make us laugh. Lovely week to you all...

    Sophie xo

  2. Love your portraits this week - great idea to take the same shot of all three of your girls. Funny too the things kids discuss so earnestly, such as how to deal with scary foxes - love it!! ; )

  3. Chewy juice is the best! And I don't know if I've ever said this before, but I love the names you've given your girls- so individual and they go really beautifully together xxx

  4. I love these portraits so much. Your girls are so pretty and are all very interesting and smart. They have beautiful names too. Chewy juice, mmmm! :)

  5. love these. and the sweet snippets of your life is absolutely beautiful. Just absolutely the best, chewy juice, delicate foxes and sweet whispery talking at bedtime. perfect.

    hope all is well with you. xo

  6. Great portraits! Where do kids get these ideas ... delicate foxes, love it!

    I am so, so far behind with everyone's blogs that I missed your recent news Greer. I'm sure the story you tell in this new solo chapter will be as good or better than any that's come before.

  7. Ha! I love child speak. I love listening to them chat to each other too. I also love silence! xx

  8. I always love reading what your girls say...they come up with the greatest lines!

    I hope that all four of you are well.

  9. Beautiful photos again, but the subjects are lovely to start with.

    I laughed at the foxes and remembered a piece by my eldest, then five, in the school magazine. He wrote of going fox hunting by himself in the Blue Mountains when staying with his grandparents. He carried home six foxes hanging from his gun!

    Let's just say that the only thing which actually happened was the setting in the bush.

  10. I love reading what your girls have said as much as I love looking at your photos. Hope all is well with you Greer. xx

  11. Love your pictures of your little girl, When my little granddaughter was young she also cackled like a kookaburra all night long, be well, Agman


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