Saturday, June 29, 2013


School holidays are upon us. That means visitors and trips away, swimming lessons and a very special birthday (six!). A break from routine.

I continue to unpack and rearrange, slowly and with a lot of procrastination. I calculated this is the 22nd home I've lived in in my life (not counting the student dorm in Wollongong, the staff digs on South Molle Island, various couches in London, a motorhome at the back of a hotel in central Scotland, the Berlin backpackers I worked and lived at for three months, and my very generous sister's place several times over in my 20s.) That's a lot of newspaper and cardboard.

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I think that may be everything...what was that I said about procrastination?

Have a lovely weekend. A little sunshine would be nice, yes?


  1. Enjoy the holidays Greer. We still have another 2 weeks till ours start........and I'm counting down the days! xo

  2. Yes a little sunshine would be lovely.

    When I moved two years ago, I would set myself several short periods of unpacking each day and would work hard in that time. Then a reward, a game, a cup of coffee, a read etc. However, I didn't have three little ones to help distract me.

  3. Enjoy school holidays.
    All that unpacking will get done eventually...says she who still has unpacked boxes from her last move four years ago!

  4. Funny you should talk about number of homes lived in... My magic number is 31. I worked it out only a few weeks ago! Again not counting student stuff... Can't believe Lola is almost six. This growing up stuff is terrifying. x

  5. Enjoy your school holidays. Wow, that's a lot of homes. I'm at 9, not including dormitories.

  6. I was just counting up how many places I've lived in, not quite 22, but not far off either, (including staff quarters on Hook Island- maybe we were neighbours :-)
    Am hoping for a little sun too. So, so wet.

  7. I am so looking forward to the break in routine these holidays. i hope you enjoy yours too :) x


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