Sunday, June 30, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013" via Che and Fidel.

Lola: Someone lost her first tooth. And won an award for "wonderful improvement in reading and writing." She turns six this week. Oh, my.
Pearl: Her negotiating skills are mind-boggling. "I'm going to do three lullabies." "Four." "OK, four, but only four." "Ten. Do ten." "Four, Pearl." Ten lullabies later...
Stella: When she sneezes, she tells me she has the bless-you's.

Previous 52 portraits here.


  1. beautiful. ..I love the sneezing comment. ..When my daughter had the hiccups she used to say she had the teacups. so cute!!

  2. So much excitement in one week! What did the tooth fairy bring? And how are you celebrating turning six?

    And I fail at negotiating with toddlers too...can someone please do a course about how to win?
    Every time we leave the house I tell Toddler C he can bring two trains, one for each hand. He says, "bring lots" and proceeds to shove trains everywhere he possibly can. Bargaining is useless. I end up carrying lots of trains where ever we go!

    1. Make him a little, drawstring "Treasure" bag, to carry, 15cm square is big enough and fits a few things, can be carried in one hand and can be made from fun bright fabric.

  3. Always in love with your portraits, Greer. PS- had a good chuckle at '10 lullabies later...' (we do the same thing at bedtime!)

  4. I am delighted by these girls and I don't even know them. They're so sweet and I laughed about 10 lullabies...I have one like her myself. :)

  5. Oh I love your portraits this week, especially the one of Stella. The light, the look, the background... Love it. x

  6. gorgeous. just beautiful portraits of your girls. just absolutely splendid. xo

  7. So cute! My son calls sneezes "bless yous" and I can't bring myself to correct him. x

  8. I hate it when the teeth start to go. A sign little babies have definitely grown up.

  9. Beautiful pics of beautiful girls, the pic in the side bar with the lovely hats is my favourite child photo just captures the crazy fun kids have with each other.

  10. That first tooth is such a milestone isn't it. Real big girl territory. My four year old has been pretend playing her Vilo-vin, with gusto. And devouring pancakes with Makel syrup with gusto too. mel x

  11. So sweet, especially the 'bless-yous' :)


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