Saturday, November 17, 2012

Singapore: Cousins

I couldn't talk about our holiday without mentioning the reason we went in the first place, and the reason I'd go back tomorrow if I could - these guys.

My sister and her family relocated to Singapore a year ago and have sunk right into the lifestyle there. We're used to their absence. They're adventurers, these ones. It might seem odd given the tropical climate they live in at the moment, but they follow the snow - a few months in Utah and Canada each year, then home to Thredbo for the local ski season. Madi just made the Australian children's team. She's in the top three in the country in her age group. And her three brothers are following close on her heels. Just quietly, I'm psyching myself for some aunty-style Olympics cheering in the next decade. 

These big cousins showered adoration on my girls. From holding hands as we walked around the zoo, to pushing the stroller through shopping centres, playing dress-ups, sharing ice-cream, endless hairstyling sessions - they had a ball. And big cousins playing with little cousins meant the mums got to go and do indulgent, relaxing things like have coffee, and go shopping, and have reflexology foot massages!!!

Oh, how we wished they lived closer (but how nice it is to have an excuse for an international jaunt!)


  1. lol i love how smitten those boys are!!...written all over their sweet faces.And yes your very lucky re the international siblings live a few minutes away. (yes im lucky too!).
    Allison ;)

  2. there is something so special about cousins. ours don't live at all close so we rarely see them but there is that instant family connection at each meeting and i remember it being like that with my cousins when i was young (and now come to think of it!).
    your photos are amazing as always. they look like a lovely bunch of kids. x

  3. Such sweet photos. You can really tell they all adore each other. x

  4. Ah, cousins. Lovely. We also have long distance cousins, (ok, 250 miles, but in England we consider that long distance). They are all very close in age to my two and even though they only see each other twice a year I am amazed at the connections between them all, and how similar they are. x

  5. those are great family pics! I loved seeing my older cousins and second cousins growing up!



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