Thursday, November 29, 2012


My Christmas ornament for the swap is complete, finished, done. I took Tania's wise words into my day yesterday as I embarked on my third attempt at getting this right. I'm far from a perfectionist, but I got the yips once it really dawned on me that it was going to hang in someone else's home, not just here at my place with all the mess and chaos. So instead of "aiming for a look of perfection", I've got wonky and funny, but loveable nonetheless. 

It should be said that I am neither an embroiderer nor a patchworker. But of course I thought I'd give both a bash. Tis the season for trying new crafts at the end of the year when you're really quite busy and really should have gone with something you know like

One might fairly surmise I'm not much chop when it comes to drafting a five-pointed star either. Wonky? Uh-huh. 

But loveable.

My recipient claims to like Christmas, and Christmas to me means red and green. And although it mightn't be apparent, the patterns on the embroidered side were traced from some Christmassy cookie cutters. It doesn't get more yuletide than that.

I hope my far-away swap partner likes her funny little star. It shall be winging its way to her tomorrow. I hope it arrives in time.

Thanks again, Christina, for organising this fun, only slightly stressful, event!

(Amazing woman she is, she's now launching a fantastic 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Do go and check it out - a prize a day for 12 days!!! And I have some inside info that there will be some very, very nice stuff on offer.)

Oh, and because I know you'll ask, the beautiful button is part of the latest haul from my dealer, the Craft Queen herself.


  1. It's lovely Greer - I'm going to step totally out of my comfort zone and participate in an ornament swap next Christmas. Elaina xo

  2. Wonky? I didn't even notice. But yes, even I noticed that button. Quite the finishing touch. I'm not even going to try anything crafty right now (although I am going to make some Christmas cards), except at preschool today I noticed all sorts of misshapen decorations on the tree-branch Xmas tree made from air-dry clay. So that's what we're going to do on Saturday when we put the tree up, sit around and make odd bits from clay and hang them every which way. Maybe I'll stick some buttons on too? x

  3. Your perfectionism has paid off! Just lovely! :)

  4. They are gorgeous! Had I knowna about this swap I would've signed up! I'm in the process of making my ornaments for this year! I think it's the sweetest idea!

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I just bought one of your darling bonnets for Sunny! Yes I am the crazy woman who buys woollen bonnets when we're experiencing 40+degree days! I couldn't pass it up! And if people don't hurry I'll end up buying them all!

  5. Well I'm so glad you did decide to go with embroidery and patchwork as that is just so, so sweet. Love it!

  6. very pretty i would be happy if i recieved your beautiful in the swap too.
    new follower {with out that sounding creepy }
    hugs xo

  7. Love it! I use cookie cutters as stitching inspiration too, they're just a good fit, aren't they?

  8. So lovely and delicate :) Now I wouldn't mind one little bit if that ornament was heading my way ;)

  9. It looks perfect to me ... maybe you were looking for perfect symmetry or some such, I see something perfect because it's unique :D

    1. And very pretty! I really must stop typing with a whippet on my lap, they're forever trying to get in on the act and pressing buttons with their noses before I'm ready to hit publish!

  10. Greer this star is most delightful. Best of all I'm now inspired to try my own hand at making an embroidered decoration :)

  11. so delightful! I love hearing people say that they don't do patchwork and embroidery then ROCK at it when they give it a go. It encourages me to try crafts that I am not familiar with (like pretty much all of them hahahaha). And now that I am here, I will take a jaunt through your posts Blessings, Fi xx

  12. Lucky swap partner!!! I'd say it's crafted perfection.

  13. They are gorgeous. Your swap partner is very lucky. :)

  14. no way, i love it! i'd be totally happy to receive your gorgeous star x

  15. Thanks for visiting my blog! Your star is very sweet, your swap partner is a luck lady.
    Kate xx

  16. Lovely stuff! There is pressure indeed when making for others, i always get in a tizz when I'm making gifts. But these stars are so pretty and festive. xx


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