Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

Some lovely from the past week:
1) They saw me making this and wanted to join in. I've been calling it 'Jane Austen Hour'. (It lasted five minutes).
2) Washing instructions...or should I say 'firm orders'!
3) Shadow puppets.
4) Blue times three.
5) It started out as a lunchbox snack and ended up as show and tell.
6) Practising her P's. P for Pearl, that is.

Hoping the coming week is full of good things.


  1. That carrot looks like a bunny rabbit. Brilliant. Gotta love nature.

  2. What sweetness :) I remember my mother teaching me how to long stitch and cross stitch as a little girl! I still have all the works of art that I created :) That carrot is hilarious!And those P's are definately coming along :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. I'll adhere to my firm orders.

  3. That carrot is brilliant! Your other lovelies are all lovely, but the carrot beats them all hands down I'm afraid. xx

  4. Such beautiful snippets of your world! That yarn looks delicious. And sewing with your babies...all kinds of lovely. WIshing you a delightful week :) x

  5. i think when you're young 5 min is equivalent to 1 hour. keep it up, they'll be sticking around and crafting longer and longer.

  6. Lovely photos - it's exciting watching your little ones getting more and more confident with writing their name. Have a great week Greer! xo

  7. Love your lovelies! I reckon I would only last five minutes with your sewing craft (I am hopeless) but I think you should keep up the Jane Austen hour x


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