Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

A sprinkling of lovely from a very busy week:

1) Girl with balloon.
2) Neglected houseplant comes back to life.
3) Why, it's a scarecrow in a field. Thank you for asking.
4) Girls in dresses, climbing. (And those are stockings in December, yes.)
5) Gifts for small playgroup friends.
6) There'll be beetroot on the menu on the 25th.

Wishing you a lovely lead-up to Christmas day. There is still much to do in this house before Santa visits. What about you?


  1. Beautiful photos Greer - I don't have any luck with houseplants poor things. Feel pretty organised this year for Christmas. Holidays approaching - can't wait for my EM to be on holiday as he starts the Vintage wine season soon. Happy December!

  2. Just beautiful! That little scarecrow made me smile. And the babies...divine! Hope your week is a grand one :) x

  3. oh wow these are lovely! I particularly like the first one and the one of the beetroot. x

  4. Your girls have the best dresses! Can't believe they need tights in December. It has been unbearable here. Thank goodness for friends with pools! x

  5. Gorgeous photos - love your girls' outfits - so pretty! Our Christmas lead-up is going nicely thanks to our Advent calendat activities. Today we are baking gingerbread men. Just need to clean and tidy this week now and will have a few last minute dishes to bake on Christmas Eve but that's about it. Enjoy your week x

  6. Such sweet photos! I'm done and dusted with Christmas already. Got it all over with yesterday (new tradition to have christmas early). So the big day is just my menfolk and me, down at the beach with salad rolls, potato chips and juice. Peace. xxx Fi

  7. Are your girls dresses handmade Greer? They are gorgeous.
    Your garden is looking blooming beautiful :)

  8. Seeing you comment on the girls needing their legs covered in December reminds me how conditioned we are by the hemisphere we live in. They do look lovely in those pretty dresses!

    Way too much left to do for Christmas here ... I think I'm in denial!

  9. Of course it's a scarecrow, what else could it be?? ;-)

    Those dresses are very lovely. I am having anxiety dreams about finishing (or not!) the scarf I am making my sister for Christmas. x

  10. the girls are growing so....!!! love your photos; and yes, I see that scarecrow--she's been very effective---the beetroot looks lovely!


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