Wednesday, December 19, 2012


When all about is red and green, silver and gold.
When everywhere is technicolour and bold-print and sparkle-glitter-sparkle.
When everything is jingle bells, ding-dong merrily, hark the herald angels sing.
When volume levels are increased to deafening, and visuals are just as loud...

How soothing to sink into these beautiful, undyed natural hues.
As soft on the eyes as in the hand.
Wending its way into tiny newborn hats for the shop.
Like knitting with bunnies and cotton wool and creamy hot chocolate.

And reading? Nothing. Completely nothing.

It doesn't feel right.

But I wanted to post in the last Yarn Along before Christmas anyway. 

Wishing all the lovely knitters out there a soft, gentle, natural, soothing festive season.


  1. Tell me Greer are you a self taught knitter? I've tried so many times but it just doesn't work for me :( My tension is always too tight.

    Sophie xo

  2. Those colours are so very soothing, especially this time of year with all the sparkle and glitz - you're absolutely right.

  3. A little glitter and glitz goes a long way. These naturals are a rest from the seasonal extremes of colour.

  4. love grays so very much!! Hope all is well for you and you are ready for the holiday :)

  5. Not only are the colours soothing, but the post is tool. Lovely!

  6. Agreed, those colours are very soothing. And that yarn looks so soft. It is all a bit crazy and colourful right now. My house looks like a small child has vomited glitter all over it. xx

  7. Beautiful colours - I agree, it's lovely to have something soft and calming in the light of all that brightness and sparkle!

  8. Those colors are so calming!Love your blog and all the pretty pictures. New follower!
    Millie's Little Palace

  9. Tiny hats, my favorite thing to knit! Glad you are taking is calmly as the rest of the world is spinning around trying to get everything done. I feel calmer after reading your post : ) Tricia @

  10. I always liked bold shiny colors for knitting but lately I'm cream,pale grey and chocolate kind of knitter too (well, except those left-over yarns I'm trying to use up for christmas ornaments right now) !
    beautiful yarns :)
    I'm not reading anything either but I feel like I should start soon, it would feel more like Christmas, with some nice book alongside the knitting.

  11. love those yarns, they look so yummy soft. and you are correct, the colors are very soothing.

  12. Eco Cloud, my favorite! So squishy and soft, gray is perfect.

  13. Oh, just what I have been looking for, and not finding in my local yarn stores. Thanks for the tip! xx

  14. Those colours are stunning, Greer. I would rather look at them any day over the garish red and greens of commercial Christmas.

  15. These are beautiful, I will take natural over sparkle any day!


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