Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Lovelies


I've been digging deep for my Christmas spirit, and there are a few hints this week.

1) Attempts for a photo for the Christmas card thwarted by one sick bub and two cheeky ones. At least there were some fun out-takes.
2) I received my ornament from the swap. Thank you, Maria. I love it!
3) We went to our local carols by candlelight tonight. Guess who was one of the angels?
4) Abundant green in the garden.
5) Abundant green in the kitchen.

Thank you for all of your kind well wishes for my Stella. I'm pleased to report she is back to her normal self.

And please head over to Baby Space to check out the fantastic giveaway. There's a Typically Red bonnet to win, amongst lots of other great stuff.

Aaaaand don't forget Christina's 12 Days of Christmas giveaway as well. Only a few days left, and so many great prizes. I wonder what the remaining days could bring...


  1. That first pic is stunning! definitely one to be framed. x

  2. oh...what a gorgeous angel...takes me back to when my Teen dressed very similar for a concert...ahh maternal love! I'm trying hard to embrace the Christmas spirit too after we have all had a gastro bug twice over...not conducive to Christmas planning and joy!
    How very brave of you to attempt a photo for cards lol! That quiche/pie looks very yummy!Hope your week is a lovely one...thanks for sharing your pics x

  3. Great photos Greer - That quiche looks very good! x

  4. Glad to hear your little one is better Greer. That first pic is stunning, love the playfulness of it.
    Hmm, quiche..that's on tonights menu.

  5. I love that first photo - I can't wait for winter so I can order one of those for Toddler C!

  6. I love those beanie shots of your girls, hope you are framing some. mel x

  7. I hope you are finding your festive spirit? I am working damn hard at mine, and it's slowly emerging... Gorgeous photos, especially your tops "out take" - very sweet. x

  8. They look like little Christmas elves! So cute!

  9. So glad that it arrived safely Greer and that you like it! I've enjoying 'playing' with hexies again; something I haven't done for ages. Love reading about all your Christmas preparations too; lovely!!


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