Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On the Last Day

We have been focusing so much of our energy on next year's momentous 'first' - big school - that I almost forgot the significance of today, her last day of preschool. She's been spending part of her week in some form of day care or preschool for three years, and today it is over, complete. She has been a little emotional. Make that a lot emotional. Wrapped up in all the end-of-year excitement, the Christmas tree cookies and cards from her little pals and presents for the teachers, has come the slow realisation, for her and for me, that time is a-rolling on and we are powerless to stop it. When she expressed her sadness today, I crossed my fingers behind my back and told her she could choose another year of preschool if she really wanted it. And she said no without hesitation. She's opting for the unknown, the adventure, the big wide world. Because without even realising it, she knows that's the right choice, and it's what she wants.

Homemade rhubarb chutney for the teachers suggests we are far more organised and crafty at this end of the year than we really are. It is chaos around here.

And I noticed that my last post was my 500th. That's quite significant. Milestones all round.


  1. Love the labels and covers. We made apricot chutney over the weekend and apricot jam which I will have to re-label as apricot "compote" oh well better luck with the next batch. x

  2. 500???!!! Wow. Lovely that you asked her if she'd like another year at preschool. End of year stuff on top of emotions means a lot of chaos - I can imagine. A lot of Luca's friends graduated this week and are off to school too next year. We're standing by watching everyone move on, while Luca anxiously tells me 'I don't ever want to go to big school'. I hope Luca will be ready to move on this time next year just like Lola, but I have a feeling he won't be. A creature of habit, that one. Meant to say I might start joining you for Sunday Lovelies. x

  3. Well done on maintaining even a veneer of organisation, we are not even at that point in the chaos that is our house. Yes, big school is so so wonderful, the only problem is that once you are there time seems to exponentially speed up with each year you attend. My littlest is off to Big 4 yo kindy and that has whipped around in the blink of an eye compared to my first who seemed to take a decade to get there. Well done on 500 posts too, that is EPIC! mel x

  4. Ooh yummy, rhubarb chutney :-) And congrats on raising such a wise little girl - I'm sure she will go on to treasure her "big" school memories as much as she has enjoyed the past 3 years.
    Merry Christmas to you & yours,

  5. 500!!! Go you good thing! I was going to make jam for Sunny's teachers too but settled with the simple Cookies in a Jar and a nice scarf :) I think craziness has hit everyone's household! I absolutely adore the name Lola!

    Sophie xo

  6. 500! Good grief, congrats! My kid's teachers will be also receiving chutney. I have some left and it will make me look super organised and domestic. It's chaos here too. xx

  7. love them. just dropped by for the first time, what lovely stories you are telling with your photos and words. my first one walked proudly out of preschool a bubbling chatterbox after walking in silent and clinging. my second one, cried and mourned all summer long after her last goodbye, but her kindergarten teacher was one of her best ever, so all is well that ends well.

    congrats on 500, a milestone for sure.


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