Monday, December 3, 2012

Kitchen Garden

Today we were gifted a bag of fresh broad beans. And a head of perfect new garlic. And the silver beet in our own garden was getting a bit out of hand. And a certain young lady thought it was high time we picked the snow peas that had suddenly appeared on our vines and were, even more suddenly, enormous.

I blanched the shelled broad beans, then cooled them and removed their little pale green jackets. The snow peas went in for a quick blanch. Then I fried off a little of the garlic and some chopped anchovies in their oil, and threw the beans and snow peas back in for a final hurrah. Meanwhile, I cooked off a huge bunch of the silverbeet and chopped it finely, then kneaded it into a dough of flour, yoghurt and baking powder. I rolled out balls of dough and slashed them, then threw them on a hot grill plate to cook. 

Smashed garlic and anchovy beans and peas on green flatbread. We ate it before I could take a photo.

I do have these photos of some hummus I made on the weekend. Roasted pumpkin and coriander hummus. I blitzed a drained tin of chickpeas with some roasted pumpkin, a crushed clove of garlic, a tablespoon of tahini, some ground cumin and fresh coriander. I added a thin drizzle of olive oil and some lemon juice. We've been eating it with Lebanese bread doused in olive oil, salt and cumin, baked until crispy.

Oh, how I do love to eat.

PS Did you see Eulalie in her Typically Red pixie hat? How gorgeous is she!


  1. Oh stop it Greer;) This sounds absolutely delicious, I'm a hummus fan through and through and I love your take on it. It would be great for Christmas too for nibbles. I did see cute little Eulalie in her gorgeous pixie hat, you clever lady. xx

  2. Oh Greer me too! I was just thinking today that you have to love your food! It's a total time waster to eat anything bad, junkie or tastless - There's just no point! And why should you with so much great food around :)

    Happy eating...

    Sophie xo

  3. Oh how I love your photos! Shame I can't just reach through the computer to sample the goods... Katie

  4. Is it a bad thing that I have already had dinner, and chocolate and yet I am still salivating just reading this post? The photos don't help either! mel x

  5. I was just gonna say what Bungalowgirl said...I am chocka-block full and still want to eat after reading this post.
    That flatbread sounds amazing and I am a true fan of the humble hummus, it's so versatile.

  6. I have some artichoke/spinach hummus in the refrig right now......but it doesn't look nearly as inviting as yours!!!! YUM

  7. I've got the munchies now - I swear I can almost smell the goodness. Happy eating xo

  8. Oh, how I love to read about your cooking and eating! It all sounds amazing, fresh and healthy and tasty. Can I come for lunch please? xx

  9. That looks absolutely delicious! Now on my list to try soon!

  10. That looks amazing! I don't even know what season it fits into--maybe it's for every season!

  11. what a great idea to mix roasted pumpkin in...I'll definitely try that :-)


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