Monday, November 12, 2012

Singapore: Water

It was cold when I awoke this morning. Later it warmed up into a glorious day, hot for these parts. I had a burst of nostalgia and put the sprinkler on for the girls to run through, remembering the hours I spent doing the same as a child. Watching them play, I thought about all the water we found to play in on our holiday.

Thanks for all your kind, encouraging words about the grand shop opening. In the lead-up, I have very quietly begun a Typically Red Facebook page. I'd love you to 'like' me, so to speak. 


  1. I'm going over to "like" you now :-) lovely collection of shots, I think my favourite is the pink goggles + eyes closed one. x

  2. You've captured all those blues so beautifully...

  3. The colours are wonderful. You can't beat a bit of sprinkler fun on a warm sunny day. Elaina xo

  4. Water play is always fun for all ages. Lovely photos.

  5. I have likey liked, looking forward to seeing your wee shoppy soon!

  6. What brilliant and characterful photos, super! x


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