Saturday, March 23, 2013



"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013" via Che and Fidel.

Lola: She asked me during some bedtime shenanigans, "Are you troubled by the commotion?"
Pearl: She's always stealing my glasses. One morning this week she grabbed them then, pausing to gaze intently at my bare face, she declared, "Your eyes look fantastic."
Stella: Main protagonist in aforementioned 'commotion'. Always.

PS These shots were taken right after dinner, which explains the messy faces!

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  1. Your girls are gorgeous - "are you troubled by the commotion", love it! The must stop you in your tracks often. xo

  2. I love it when they come out with lovely turns of phrases and big words - it really does matter (to me anyway) that I use different words and speak well, because they pick up on ways of saying things, and I happen to think one of the nicest things to give them is the ability to express themselves creatively and intelligently.... So obviously you do too. (OK, I realise that's rather deep for a simple post of beautiful portraits, but there you go!) xxx

  3. These are beautiful Greer. Your girls all have such beautiful smiling eyes x

  4. "Are you troubled by the commotion?" LOVELY AND FUNNY ALL AT THE SAME TIME!

  5. How could you be troubled by the commotion when she comes out with that phrase?!!! Gorgeous girls. x

  6. These are just the most beautiful captures! Love the grubby faces and big happy smiles!

  7. Look at those smiles! I don't think they could get any bigger!

  8. The remnants of dinner on their gorgeous faces makes the photos!!


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