Friday, March 22, 2013

The Jim-Jam Tradition

Easter is a week away. I had been putting that thought to the back of my mind, but something alerted me today. Perhaps it was the sight of my babies coming through the door on their way home from Little Bookworms with whiskered snouts and very long fluffy ears. Or it could have been the package in the mail containing sweet little felt Easter baskets from the Queen. I remembered in a panic that Easter equals pyjamas and set to work with a tried and true nightdress pattern and a stack of vintage flannelette sheets. The cutting is done. Hopefully the stitching can happen in bursts during the coming week.

My sewing has taken a back seat since I started knitting for more than just my own leisure. Lately my sewing machine has been calling to me but I've had to ignore it as I try to finish yet another hat. I've been yearning to set aside a day, or an afternoon, or an hour, to make something small. I gaze longingly at my collection of patterns, at the enormous stash of fabric. 

Next week. When I return from a weekend in Sydney for a special get-together with friends. When I submit another month's worth of recipes and breathe out before starting on the next. When I finish a handful of tiny beanies in preparation for the next stage of the grand plan. Next week.

Is it just my family that insists on new pyjamas at Easter?


  1. This is the coolest/sweetest tradition I have even heard of. Your girls will have such nice memories of Easter and their brand new nighties (with pockets for eggs collecting?) xxx

  2. It's tradition here too Greer and we had the same growing up. Not of your lovely homemade variety but I am making them gifts this year - it's a start. We call them jimmy jams also :-) Hope to see your finished creations :-D Mel x

  3. So weird looking at your photos Greer, this weekend we are going to be making some 'ears' and we have also been collecting things for making insects which has included egg cartons and pipe cleaners!
    I have been snooping round your etsy shop, wiating for just the right colour and size hat to come in to stock!

  4. Well it's not a tradition I've come across but it's a lovely one! I know lots of people who buy or make new pyjamas for Christmas, but not Easter. We do call them jim-jams though. Or sometimes jimmy-jammies. x

  5. We do summer PJ's for Christmas & winter ones for Easter. Much prefer to give them something they need rather than all the chocolate....which they get a little from us anyway...and a lot from the rest if the family. Don't have time to make them this Easter sadly but love the vintage sheets idea. Will file that away for later!

  6. We do jammies for Easter here too although it's my mum who buys them. I suggested it a few years ago hoping to reduce the amount of chocolate she bought them, and it worked! Love the fabrics :)

  7. That is such a cool idea...I have never heard of pjs on Easter but I love it!
    The Easter Bunny always used to bring us a book...and he used to write a little note in it...he had very scratchy handwriting...because of the paws and all.


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