Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Lovelies

A sample of lovely from a wet and droopy week:
1) A trip to the general store. We needed eggs.
2) Heavy with the rain.
3) There are suddenly a lot of lunches to pack.
4) Agapanthus in reflection.
5) They had a big fight over who got which umbrella.
6) Pretty something-or-others hanging in a tree.
7) Something's missing.

Wishing you all a lovely week. 


  1. Greer that reflection is just stunning! You captured it so well... The trick is to always have the same of everything when it comes to little girls' things :) I learnt that through my sister.

    Have a lovely week...

    Sophie xo

  2. Great photos, I love the lunches all lined up! xo

  3. Oh you are organised. Look at all those lunches lined up in a row. I'm about to go and pack my work lunch and get my workwear out for an early start tomorrow. I do it every night and I swear by it. Makes for such a calmer start to the day.

  4. Oh gosh I love it here! Refreshing, warm and beautiful.

  5. lovely photography, the rose is exquisite! Heather x

  6. Gorgeous gorgeous photos, similar but much less gorgeous wet weather activities at my place, and a whole lot more mud. mel x

  7. Beautiful photos. You organized lunch boxes inspire me!

  8. Beautiful photography. Your blog is gorgeous and full of inspirational photos. Cute umbrellas, send the rain my way. Hayley x

  9. Gorgeous. That shot of the rain covered flower is really beautiful. x

  10. You're such a wonderful photographer Greer - every single one just beautiful. Love the Agapantha reflection :-D

  11. Gorgeous photos. I love the clear umbrellas. And the lunches all lined up - so organised.

    Those pods look like "helicopter seeds" from a maple (?) tree. When they are dry, kids (and adults) love to drop them and watch them spin.

  12. These photo's are beautiful and I am swooning over that heavy with rain rose, so gorgeous. xxx


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