Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday Lovelies

1) "Higher, Mumma."
2) I found a solitary bloom in the garden this week on the 5th anniversary of my mum's death. She was a bit partial to a pretty rose.
3) When it happens, my bruschetta is going to be so worth it (and so small).
4) Three Chubby Pixie hats winging their way to Portugal.
5) Oh, hello, autumn. I hadn't noticed you there.
6) It was a big hill, and she didn't want any help.

Wishing you a lovely, lovely week x


  1. I love the bags that you have the pixie hats cosied up in. We are just starting to see peeks of Autumn too. Have a lovely week Greer! xo

  2. Hi Greer. Love your first and last pics especially. have a good week.
    Jane x

  3. Portugal! WOW! What a distance... Greer your part of the world always looks so green and lovely... That's one pretty rose :)

    Sophie xo

  4. Gorgeous photos, and ahh those lovely bags. My girl uses her bag to carry her ballet slippers to class. Wont be long until its chilly enough to debut the hat x

  5. Lovely, lovely photos as always. Those little bags for the hats are such a nice touch.

    I just followed your link to the post about your mum's death. I'm so sorry. 61 is way too young.

    Have a great week. Gillian x

  6. i love your little bags greer, everything you make has such great style. i'm glad you saw that bloom to remind. hugs. xxx

  7. I commented yesterday but internet was patchy and it does not seem to have come through. It's five years this month since my mum died and fifteen, also this month, since Dad died. I miss them both. My children, now adults, were fortunate enough to know them both, but my grandchildren did not know Dad. Your rose is beautiful and reminded me of dad who grew hundreds of beautiful roses, just because he loved them.

  8. I love your little retro baggies - the one in which my chubby pixie bonnet arrived has been regifted! I was sad to see it go but happy that it contained a beautiful shawl I had knitted for my sister. Glad to see you are all well! xx

  9. Pixie hats in vintage sheet bags: it doesnt get much cuter.
    Lovely photos.

  10. the bags you send your bonnets off in are gorgeous, as is the swing photo x

  11. Scrumptious photos are always. I wish one of those hats was on its way here, I am going to have to rectify that soon! Really sorry about your Mum, glad the Rose decided to keep you company on a difficult day.


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