Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Middle Crew

There's a few cousins above them, and a few below. These guys are bang in the middle.

They were born within the space of 10 months - one baby each for my sisters and I. In fact, Jack on the left was present for the birth of my Lola. (That's what happens when you're only a couple of months old and your mum is required for early morning "PUSH!" duty.)

They don't get together very often, but it's fun watching them when they do. The middle crew.


  1. Aren't they just the sweetest! I bet they'll have an amazing relationship as they grow. x

  2. Cousies are the best. I have a huge band of cousies and we are all so close in age and relationship. I can only hope my kids will have that same feeling.

  3. My sister and I have children very close together. For a long time they considered each other their best friends. We joke that her oldest was in the room when my oldest was born and their family was skyped in for the birth of my last. Cousins are fantastic.

  4. Aww, what a bunch of cuties! It's so lovely that they are so close in age. x

  5. So lovely! I have two sisters and we all had babies around the same time. Two each - so six babies born in a little over three years. I love watching the cousins play, such a different relationship to siblings. My family live at the other end of the country so when we all get together there is the obligatory "get all the kids together on the sofa" photo...one of them is always blurred or leaning out of shot or crying...but I treasure those photos!

  6. What a lovely combination - cousins are the best. I remember the excitement when we all got together and how strange it all looks now we are older.

    Happy days,

    Nina x

  7. so special for you and your sisters to have babies so close together. it makes me a little sad that my sisters will probably overlap with their babies at some point (my eldest baby sister is due in nov and my baby sister is newly married, babies on the cards), while we have finished.. if we had have gone for #4 I am certain my sister and I would have been going into labour with a few weeks of one another. I am sure these little ones will grow up the best of friends x


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