Monday, June 4, 2012

Miss Maker

I've been tripping over her creations all over the house. They frustrate me and charm me in equal measure. 

- A selection of preschool constructions (made from other people's recycling)
- A coffee tray train with passengers
- One dozen cotton wool eggs
- A box with some fairy fabric and four cotton balls stuck to it. Purpose unknown.
- A birthday present for her dad - an iPhone case with his name on it, backwards.

Happy big 4-0 from her, and all of us, my love. We hope you liked the cake, or what was left of it. 


  1. I do miss all of those creations. They have so much fun sticking and gluing don't they:) Happy 40th to your other half I hope he enjoys his cute creation for his phone:) x

  2. We have very similar scenes in our house. Every day about six drawings come home with her in her little book bag. I feel bad about chucking some of them out but I can't hoard everything she makes. Lovely, colourful creations from your girl. The i-Phone case is especially sweet.

  3. Ahhh the joy of unbridled creativity. I love the passenger train and that sweet phone case. That sweet chocolatey face is pretty precious too.

  4. My mr 4 is all about crazy craft.... well it looks crazy to me, but keeps him occupied almost all day! Good Stuff..

  5. But mom, cotton balls are so fun to use! I know there's a line between encouraging creativity and just plain old messes, but I haven't figured it out yet...

  6. ahhhh I love this greer! haha I have some little crafters of the same kind. no drawing or creation is ever destined for the bin... of course some do end up there when they're not looking, otherwise we would be suffocated by egg carton caterpillars or sticky tape sculptures.. happy birthday to the mr! x


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