Monday, June 18, 2012


You can sense the excitement in the air. They're coming from all directions, making their way steadily from Singapore, country NSW and Melbourne for that most festive of occasions, Christmas in...June. The menu is being planned, champagne being shipped in, impressively large joints ordered from the butcher and chair shortage issues discussed in earnest.

While we adults reunited for a very special wedding a few months ago, the offspring haven't been seen in the one room together since way back here in September. This Saturday we'll be seated around a (very long) table once more.

Jingle all the way!


  1. Oh yeah that does sound exciting. Have a wonderful time with your family. xx

  2. That will be such a wonderful event for you (after your downer post earlier last week). Have a great time. Eat lots and take lots of photos. Cherish and savor everyone.

    P.S. - very large joints (from the butcher) - at first I thought you were referring to that illegal drug - difference in Australian and American english, I guess.

  3. Christmas in June? What a great excuse to get together with family and eat lots of lovely food.

  4. Two Christmases - sounds like fun, have a great time!

    Just seen your 'tired' post - hope things are feeling a little brighter now. x

  5. Sounds wonderful! Am sure you will all have an amazing time :)

  6. Hope you all have a fabulous time! x

  7. Oh what a wonderful feast it will be! Say hello to the sisters, Unc and families for me!!! Have a wonderous weekend xxx


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