Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Quiet Hour

I grabbed an hour today, an hour while small people were napping. Outside the rain was beating down and, while the fire roared, coffee was sipped and fabric cut. Oh, for more hours like this.


Some years ago, during a period when I was dabbling in playwriting, I worked with another playwright. Our workplace attracted lots of creative people looking for temporary work to tide them over between gigs. I've met many people who have aspired to a life in theatre, film or television, but this woman was the real thing.

Soon after the birth of my first baby in 2007, I went to see a play she'd written and was performing in at the Belvoir. It was called 'The Seed' and was an incredibly powerful autobiographical piece. I remember being so moved by the story, which seemed fantastical, and yet it was true. I remember also feeling removed from reality, a new mum on her first evening away from her babe.

Last night, I watched Kate tell her story again on the ABC's 'Australian Story'. What a remarkable, brave, humble and beautiful woman. And what an incredible life. You can watch it here.


  1. Very exciting getting a little bit of alone time to do something creative. Hope you get more opportunities. What are you making?

  2. Isn't Kate's story amazing? I was moved to tears by what she has had to endure...she has such a fighting spirit.
    It's bliss being able to steal snippets of quiet time, hope you find more in your week :)


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