Tuesday, April 23, 2013


:: Love love loving it freshly cut.

:: Thrilled by how much better they taste smashed up with some buttery leeks.

:: Transforming them into little bags for little hats.

:: Wondering if they'll ever turn red after little hands picked them too early.

:: Enjoying chillier days that require extra, very brightly coloured layers.

:: Marvelling at how it keeps coming back no matter how much I cut it and eat it.


  1. Proving that green is not your enemy. Love this palette inspiration. Thumbs up! Got my eye on your next posts.

  2. yum! gorgeous and spring fresh :)


  3. mmm buttery leeks. I love this post Greer. xo

  4. highlighting my favourite colour. Thank you! Beautiful.

  5. We're deep into our 5th month of snow here, and this green is just what I needed!

  6. Such simple pleasures that bring a smile :)

  7. love the green theme! I'm partial to the color and that second photo YUM

  8. Such lovely fresh photos Greer. It's been quite some time since we had any tomatoes on the vine but they've ripened nicely inside during the past month, if a little shrivelled! Those peas look absolutely delicious.

  9. I like this theme very much. You're so good and focusing on and celebrating the simple things. x

  10. Beautiful post Greer. I do so love green!
    For what it is worth I just made green tomato chutney from the last of our tomatoes. Our tomatoes don't turn red when picked too early, and there may not be sufficient warm days for any left on the vine to turn red. If your keen Google Gran's Green Tomato Chutney The chutney I made with this recipe is delicious. I substituted Malt vinegar for apple cider vinegar and a little balsamic. x

  11. love this post, being a fan of green and all. is that a howard showers green cardi? i have one the same colour but i haven't worn it yet... soon it will be cool enough here.

  12. Ooo my favourite colour too! I am so going to do your pea and buttery leak thing. Mel x


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