Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Photo Stuff

That there is a photo of me and my three taken late last year by my good friend Briony (of Catch Photography in Brisbane). Photos of me are thin on the ground, photos of me with my girls scarcer still. I guess that's the lot of the one who holds the camera in the family. I was recently asked to provide a profile photo of myself for a PR thingo. I wasn't able to because I just don't have any. I don't love being photographed, I admit. And I've put photos of myself on this blog, oh, about three times now. Recently I was interviewed on film for a Cancer Council promo. That took me so far out of my comfort zone, I can't even tell you. And when I pop it here on the blog - and I will soon, I promise - I will hardly be able to stand it. Time for someone to get over herself (in all her approaching-middle-age glory!)

Anyway, in a similar but different vein, I thought I'd share some of my favourite photography blogs, or blogs I love especially for the photos. 

An absolute favourite is Flannery O'Kafka. Glasgow-based Andrea has lots of kids who are conveniently very photogenic. That Hugo! She shoots portraits and kids fashion editorials and just lots of beautiful images. Moody and often dark and always beautiful.

Lamb Loves Fox is a 365 project with beautiful little Lamb as the main subject (her just-born baby brother Fox will no doubt be joining in soon). I don't know what it is about these photos but I just love them to bits. Gorgeous kid, gorgeous light, stunning intentional composition. Inspiring stuff.

Tahnee of Milk Please Mum has been seriously practising her photography. Her blog is living proof of the amount of photos she takes and the quality of them. She has launched her own business - how exciting! I found this shoot she did of the lovely folk at Lemon Rhodes quite inspiring. The way she captures the stuff going on around the subject reminds me of another amazing photographer.

And finally, Malt Memories is brand new to me, but my goodness. Would you look at this? And these? They're like stills from an arthouse film. I can't wait to see more.


  1. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous links Greer... And for the record this is such a lovely picture! I'm always behind the camera myself but am conscious about my baby girl having memories of me and her together too... Time to step in front of the camera!

    Sophie xo

  2. That is the loveliest picture of you guys, Greer. And not comfortable in front of the camera .... what?! You're a born performer. Kellie xx

  3. Wow thanks for all the new reading material, and what a beautiful photograph of you four. I always love seeing photos of the person behind the blog.

  4. I love your wonderful family shot. I really love that you are putting yourself out on a limb. I am in love love love with photography lately. I am love the 52series that has introduced me to you/this blog and as I look up at the other lovelies that have commented, i know of them as well because of their creative style, and ability to capture wonder (all through the 52series).

    It is hard (me too quickly approaching the dreaded middle-age) to remember to include myself in photos with my 3 boys. I have always been camera shy, but now that I am blogging & taking so so many photos(of boys, of beauty, of others) I wonder who is recording me with the boys. Any "selfie" I have done always reminds me of all my unfortunate features. (& I wonder how important is it that people see my face when they come to my blog? So instead I have shots of my feet.) My mother passed away recently and it makes my heart ache that I have so very little photos of my youth with my sisters + mom. none really. & nothing as sweet as what you have up above. Nothing to show my boys, "look here, look at this family history we have." you have reminded me to be a bit more intentional with this. Thanks so for sharing all these other blogs as well! I feel like I should have a monthly roundup of blogs (& new-to-me blogs) I love. xxoo

  5. oh has anyone seen this series: You Are My Wild http://youaremywild.wordpress.com/2013/04/09/week-13/
    It is a group of photographers that have a weekly posting of their children.
    It is just stunning as well.

  6. Wow such a sweet looking family. May you continue to enjoy your daughters.

  7. greer..! I can't even tell you what a surprise it was as I scrolled through flipboard last night on the couch, very nearly asleep, reading your post and then seeing my name there..!! I woke up! my goodness, thankyou so much. and then to put tim's name in the same sentence.. no words! thanks for introducing me to some new-to-me talent, I love that your love of photography is so varied in it's styles. I have been following Lamb Loves Fox for a while now too and I totally understand what mean when you aren't sure what it is about her images.. they are just divine, I so look forward to seeing each day's photograph. like rebecca said above, the 'you are my wild' series is a beautiful one too if you haven't seen it yet. and getting in FRONT of the camera is something we all struggle with, but you should absolutely do it more - that photo of you with your girls is just gorgeous :) x

  8. Oh hello you!!! SUCH a gorgeous photo Greer. Beautiful. And I can now see where the girls get their luscious locks from. Mel x PS Thanks for sharing these photography links and I still haven't got a family photo of all of us since Flynn was born.......MUST. DO. IT

  9. A Gorgeous photo Greer! I must agree, Tahnee is pretty special, I love the photographs she took of us! xo

  10. I tried really hard this last six or so months to get in front of the camera in an effort to capture my baby belly and just get some photos of me with our two children. I know we will all enjoy looking back at that time with fondness.
    Tahnee is coming to Canberra soon to take photos of our growing family, (I can't wait she is great). We will be sure to have some lovely moments captured of all members of our family
    I was in the early stages of my pregnancy and suffering with morning sickness when we met at the nursery, and last month we welcomed a beautiful baby boy.

    Greer I enjoy watching your space it is just lovely and your photography is beautiful as are your girls. best wishes

  11. What a lovely picture and it really is nice to 'see' you!

  12. Oh Greer! THANK YOU so much for the kind words about my work/kids/etc...

    I was just reading along and completely sympathizing with your camera-shy-ness. I HATE having a lens pointed at me.

    I love the photo.

    Thanks again...when it gets cooler and Olive's head grows, your bonnet will be featuring in many of my photos :)


  13. My partner is a photographer and there is a rare image of me, even rarer of me and the kids. But your image is gorgeous, love the connection between the four of you. And your hair! Swoon!


  14. Thank you so much for mentioning me. It means so much!
    I also love this photograph of you and your children.. and I can totally relate to you. I can't stand having my photo taken, it feels so odd to stand in front of the camera - completely unnatural. I could count the number of pictures I have of my daughter and I on one hand (ugh, that sounds horrible!)


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