Thursday, April 4, 2013


There's a park in the centre of my old home town. It does springtime beautifully and autumn even better. It's famous for its duckpond and the swing sets. Many a childhood afternoon was spent playing there. It was the site of weekend picnics, of festivals and festivities and, like most of my peers, the location of one of my early forays into under-age drinking (on a Saturday morning, no less!). I wonder how many of those teenagers have returned with their own children years later to watch them hover precariously on the edge of the pond, frolic in autumn leaves, pluck marigolds from the manicured garden beds, get drenched at the fountain and maybe lay a sloppy one on a cute boy beneath a big old pine tree.


  1. This is such a pretty park. We spent many an afternoon after work strolling round the paths and admiring the newly refurbished duck pond. It must be looking amazing at this time of the year with the leaves just beginning to change.
    I miss this park. our new town doesn't seem to have as many parks.

  2. How lovely! I have found it really weird taking my girls back to the park I knew as a child, and as you say, a naughty teen!


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