Friday, April 12, 2013

Tiny Pixie

The first in the Typically Red Tiny range for newborns, the Tiny Pixie, is available by custom order in the shop now. One size, seven colours, unquantifiable cute.


  1. just so inlove with these pixie hats! I feel so torn by all the choices! xxoo

  2. Your pixie hats are just so beautiful. I'm feeling all clucky looking at that gorgeous little face xo

  3. These are just gorgeous! Makes me wish I had a teeny tiny newborn in need of a hat!x

  4. Love love love! Sadly my daughter is now nearly five months so i have missed the newborn baby in a hat picture bliss. Good luck with your newest addition Greer.

  5. Oh this is divine! My baby is due in 4 weeks so might have to pop on over to your shop for a peek.

    Angela x

  6. Making my uterus long for a little one to pop into that hat. It's darling.

    Jo Farmer


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