Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Baby Vest #645

The vest obsession continues. This is one of the two Tikki patterns I bought a while ago and have finally completed. It's the Milo, knit completely seamlessly from top to bottom. This is a pretty new type of knitting for me - I'm used to doing a front then a back then a sleeve or two, if called for, then sewing the whole thing together. It has to be said, to finish a vest like this and have only two threads to weave in was fab. I'll often let something sit there almost finished for weeks and months to avoid the boring finishing jobs.

I knit this in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in a colour called Sedona Red. It's kind of the colour of a dachshund, I reckon. It actually looked a lot more red and a lot less brown when I ordered it, and there's absolutely nothing girly about it. Still, my Stella looks pretty cute in it, don't you think? She's shaping up to be quite the little model, when I can get her to sit still.


  1. Gorgeous my friend. I love this knit! So neat too! While you are busy knitting and playing Mother of the Year to your kiddies, I am covering approximately 35 school books with paper, yes, and then contact - allowing the paper to be decorated at will by the little minds! EW! Big day for home things - pouring pouring pouring here. Love to you xxx

  2. Too cute! Not sure where you find the time to knit? I am loving your blog - feel like I am keeping in touch.....have a fab day! Love Fazz


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