Monday, January 24, 2011


I've been noticing strange red marks on S's skin, like a broken circle - dash, space, dot, space, dash - about the size of a 20-cent piece. It's happened three or four times, and usually shows up on a forearm or lower leg. I wondered if it was some strange insect bite, or an odd type of ringworm. I even toyed for about three seconds with the idea of stigmata. The marks don't seem to bother her and I haven't been aware of any peculiar or distressing incidents that could explain it. The skin is never broken and the mark is always gone soon after.

Then tonight, as my three girls played in the bath, an idea occurred to me and I decided to test it out. So I asked L to bite me - selfless, I know. She looked quizzical but didn't hesitate before sinking her fangs into my wrist. And there it was, the same circular dot-dash mark. Please, L, try not to bite your sister too often.

I might have to muzzle her.

(DISCLAIMER: It wasn't a hard bite. She knows biting is wrong. We have borrowed 'Teeth Are Not For Biting' from the library several times, along with other fine titles in the series such as 'Germs Are Not For Sharing' and 'Pacifiers Are Not Forever'.)

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