Monday, January 10, 2011

Farewell :: Hello

Seven and a half years ago, when the Garbageman and I moved in together, his pair of stylish blue Fantastic Furniture two-seater couches moved in too. They were a bit less grubby then, and did the job adequately for a while - a couch each to stretch out on and watch some telly. But for about seven and a quarter of those seven and a half years, I've been dreaming about a new couch. 

I have been less than polite about the couches over the years, yet I have used them tirelessly. I've sat on them, leaned against them, laid upon them with my legs sticking over the edges and even fallen asleep on them and woken up crooked and bent. And besides, the couch I brought into the relationship, long since gone, was a revolting pink floral number that was so uncomfortable in both its sofa and bed manifestations that I tended to use the floor. The blue couches were luxurious in comparison.

It's been seven and a half years of cohabiting with the Garbageman and his couches. Two rentals, a mortgage and another rental later; a big overseas trip, a wedding, three babies later; countless spilt drinks, crushed biscuits, melted chocolate, baby spews, nappy overflows and potty-training accidents later; with the stuffing coming out of the arms, the frame sticking up through the fading, threadbare upholstery, parts of it tacky to the touch with any number of unidentifiable substances; a gazillion attempts at vacuuming, sponging, laundering covers, throwing throw cushions, draping fabric to try and hide some of the above...finally, finally it's time to say goodbye. In my imagination, I am lighting a bonfire, throwing them atop the flames and dancing around whooping and cheering.

And now, like a streamlined, scotchguarded oasis in the chaos that is our loungeroom sits the 'Opera'. Colour: 'Pear'. Comfortable. Long. So, so clean. 

Hello, new friend. May you remain pristine and stain-free for at least a week.


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