Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mess Prevention 101

Do you think we look cute in our new mama-made bibs she whipped up the other day with a piece of colourful cotton, some flannelette for the back and the all-important press stud so we can't pull them off during breakfast/lunch/dinner?

Mum didn't bother with any sort of fancy binding or finishing. She just pinned the cotton and flannelette together and zigzagged around the edges. She was so pleased with the results, she made a couple more today.

We're a really messy pair, you see, and we like to spread our food all around the place. No point just keeping it in our mouths, is there? It's funny if it gets in our hair and ears and nostrils and all up under our chins, and it's really funny if we put a bit in each other's eyes for good measure. Yep, we're a messy pair. Good thing we're cute, huh?

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