Thursday, January 6, 2011

XFP - Xtreme Finger Painting

 Miss L begged to do some painting today. What started out as some innocent hand and footprint making fast turned into something far more chaotic; things quickly spiralled out of control as the clothes came off and the footprints merged together then spilled off the paper and onto the floorboards.  This wasn't anything you'd find at playgroup - it was extreme nudie painting! 

The baby sisters joined in from the safety of their high chairs, making dainty hand prints - one for the paper, one for the mouth. Mmm, tasty. I ran around in the background with a cloth, hoping the 'washable' on the label actually meant 'washable'. And eventually, inevitably, because she's human, she attempted...the bum print.

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  1. Miss L is doing Anthropometries:

    And she is doing them very well.


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