Sunday, January 2, 2011

Country Cousins

 Cousin Hen

 The Toowoombians with Miss L

Dear Aunty Wolly and her favourite twins

We were lucky to catch up with so many dear old friends this festive season. There were country cousins by the bucket load, and a couple of cosmopolitan ones too. Before Christmas we spent a few days with the Hong Kong contingent for some lively fun. Lola and Hugo's reunion after 10 months apart could only be described as fiery.

On Boxing Day we had a lovely time at home with the Toowoomba mob - my oldest buddy 'Aunty' Wol, her hub, Kerry, and three little ones. Annabelle, glorious goddaughter Eloise and Angus had such fun in Lola's paddling pool, despite the fact they're used to playing in their huge in-ground pool back home. And none of them seemed to mind me serving up Christmas Day leftovers for lunch! 

Then there was cousin Henry and his baby brother Oscar up in the country, and their mum and dad too, as well as 'Aunty' Bri and Leo, and 'Aunty' Fazz.  

And last but not least, a very special trip to the Opera House to see Charlie and Lola's Best Bestest Play with lovely Theo.

Good times. If only they all lived nearer.

(Afterthought: I patted three pregnant bellies in amidst that bunch. Better stop typing and start knitting.)


  1. Well, what a few days you had! What a lovely boxing day we had! Thank you thank you thank you! Hope the trip to Aunty GiGi was fun - certainly that picci shows two very cheeky cousins! Henry looks so much like a Worsley! Love to you all - especially my special Miss L and my favourite twins!


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