Saturday, January 8, 2011

Dream :: Love

It only took a month (!) but  they're finished and two walls in two rooms finally have something pretty on them. The idea and, let's face it, most of the technique and fabric choices, came from this book by Amanda Blake Soule - in fact, it's the cover project. I used a soft blue woollen blanket found at an op-shop (which actually turned out to be two wrapped together - bargain!) and lots of different fabric scraps in reds and pinks and greens and blues. And I sewed it all onto some lovely twill ribbon purchased on a recent shopping splurge at this amazing ribbon and button shop owned by my friend Nicole.

As for the words, I thought about this a lot. It had to be something I wished for my girls, but also something that is appropriate to float above them as they sleep - so 'DANCE' was out, as was 'PLAY'. Admittedly, I considered 'BEHAVE' for Lola's room, and even toyed with 'SLEEP, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, JUST SLEEP' above Stella's bed - but too many letters and not enough wall space...

In the end, for Lola, I chose the same word Amanda chose for her girl - 'DREAM'. Because that's what I wish for her. To dream big and wide and long and colourful and whimsical and impossible and beautiful.

And for the littlies, I chose 'LOVE'. It's what I want them to share as they grow together, what I want them to do with ease and abundance, and it's also pretty much the first word that pops into my head every time I lay eyes on them. That and 'SMOOSHY-SMOOSH'.

{Today I drilled holes in the walls. A couple of days ago we finger-painted the floorboards. Man, I hope the landlord isn't reading this...}

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