Sunday, May 27, 2012

And the Winner is...

Earlier this evening, just before settling in to watch the Eurovision final on SBS, I asked the GM to do the honours and draw winners in our grand prize giveaway. He put on his best tracksuit pants and did interesting dances between each draw to add gravitas and a touch of dignity to the occasion.

So, without further ado, the winners are as follows:

1) First out of the 'hat' (which was actually a bowl) was Jode. She requested the Biggest Morning Tea merchandise pack for her budding teen chef. It's heading your way, Jode.

2) Second out was Gillian, who lives all the way over in England!!! Gillian took a shine to the mitts and mug cosy, so, Gillian, in about a week or so when they're finished, they'll be winging their way to you.

3) Third out was none other than Shirley, who had her eye on the Craft Queen gift voucher. As much as I'd like to wrestle it from you, Shirley, I'll do the right thing and step aside.

4) Next out was my friend Beth, who is a very clever lady wanting to put the glorious teapot tapestry under glass on her tea tray. Can't wait to see the finished product, Beth. 

5) And last but not least (the GM did an extra special dance for the finale) was Claudia. Claudia wanted the mitts, but as they were already won, I'm sure she'll be happy to settle for her second choice, the Loani Prior tea cosy book. 

So, ladies, email me your addresses and I'll get everything sent off in the next few days (or weeks if you're Gillian!)

Congratulations and, again, a huge thankyou to everyone who donated their hard-earned to such a very good cause, as well as supporting my little endeavour here last week. It was such fun, wasn't it?

Now, will someone tell the kid up there that the tea party is over?


  1. How wonderful to win teen will be so rapt!Thank you so much xx Shall email you shortly! And i love that pic...let the tea party go on just a little bit longer!!!

  2. Yay!!! Oh, thanks so much, I am very happy. :-) I will email you my address. xx

  3. WHOOO HOOO! Thank you so much Greer! (and GM!)

    Made my Monday morning :)

  4. Oh wow....the first thing I've ever won :) Am going to love looking at the beautiful pics and who knows there may be a teas cosy pattern in there for me to attempt! Thanks so much for a wonderful week of tea and cake, and for my book :)


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