Monday, May 21, 2012

A Very Bloggy Giveaway

It's nearing the end of day one of my Very Bloggy Morning Tea. Thanks for all your encouraging words and generous donations. We're already well over halfway to my fundraising goal. Hooray!

I thought I'd better share the details of the promised giveaway. Thanks to some very good and kind folk, I've got five great prizes:

1) A copy of Loani Prior's excellent book 'Really Wild Tea Cosies'. I have her first book, 'Wild Tea Cosies', and I love it! Even if you're not a knitter, I'm sure you'll enjoy this book just for the incredible pictures and ideas.

2) Thanks to my great friend Nicole (she's my dealer), I've got a $50 gift voucher at Craft Queen to give away. Nicole specialises in beautiful ribbons, buttons and papercraft supplies. You've seen her buttons on many of my handknits - here, here and here are some examples. I could use this gift voucher several times over, let me tell you. But I won't. I'll give it to one of you instead.

3) An Australia's Biggest Morning Tea merchandise pack which includes a mug, tea towel, apron and oven mitts signed by ambassadors Manu Fieldel and Pete Evans. Cool and useful!

4) A pair of glorious orange mitts knitted by me. Not the ones in this photo, but a pair very much like them which don't yet exist but will very, very soon, I promise! There'll also be a matching mug cosy - photos of that soon!

5) Finally, the lucky door prize, this is a glorious thrifted teapot tapestry that will look gorgeous framed and on the wall of one lucky winner, or even made into a cushion cover, if you're that way inclined. I don't know who made it, but I'm guessing they like a cuppa as much as the rest of us.

Here's what you have to do to be in the running. Just pop over here and make a donation, if you haven't already. Then leave me a comment here to let me know which of these prizes you'd like to win (you can nominate more than one). I'll draw the winners at the end of the Very Bloggy Morning Tea. You can also let me know via email -

You don't have to be a Typically Red follower to win (though you're entirely welcome if you so desire), just a generous giver of money to very good causes. It doesn't matter the size of your donation, either. But if you're a blogger and you'd like a second chance to win, help me spread the word. I'll be endlessly grateful.

Oh, and just so you know, I don't see any of the money. It goes straight to the Cancer Council via their fundraising page. It's all above board, people!

Good luck! And see you tomorrow for more tea and cake.


  1. Oh a good giveaway. I would mostly mostly love to win those hand mits, would be also very neat if I won the book or the craft queen voucher!! Well done on your 50% there, it's only day one after all!!

  2. Oooh, definitely the craft queen voucher! I've already seen all the lovely paper punches she has!

  3. Hurrah for giveaways!! I I choose mitts and mug cosy pretty please! They will keep me warm as although it's supposed to be summer it is still very chilly here in England. x

  4. Well done on reaching your goal already! Such a great idea and i am loving your tea invitations each morning! I would be absolutely over the moon with any of your lovely giveaways but i have a budding teen chef that would love the little pack signed by Manu and Pete and those glorious mitts would be a treasure too! Hopefully you get the donations rolling in,,,been there i promise!

  5. Pick me pick me! Fabulous prizes all. Love a surprise in the mail! Much love, briony

  6. Tap-es-try, tap-es-try, tap-es-try, tap-es-try, tap-es-try, tap-es-try, tap-es-try! That's all!!!!!

  7. Well done on passing your goal!
    I have just been admiring your blog. You are very talented.
    Fantastic giveaway. If I had to pick it would be voucher from the Craft Queen...just love her papers,buttons and ribbons! I also adore your mitts and love the idea of a mug cosy :)

  8. I'd have to be pretty happy with any of those goodies. However, I do have slight obsession with buttons.....

  9. Well that book looks amazing, though possibly wasted on me as I can't knit, and those mitts, woohoo!


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