Thursday, May 24, 2012

Tea Party

Have you noticed that it's been a bit of a child-free zone here this week? Nice, huh? As much as I've been enjoying all the grown-up chit-chat we've been indulging in, I thought I'd better let the girls out of the cupboard under the stairs so they can join in the fun for a few hours. We're setting up for an old-fashioned teddy bears' picnic complete with rainbow tea, magic fairy cakes and some wholesome oaty sultana cookies. Hope you can make it. Bring your kids if you have any spare. If you don't, you're still welcome, but can I recommend ear plugs? 

Fairy wings and princess crowns optional.


  1. Oh, my boys will love to come round and play. Especially as the teddy bears picnic song is their favourite. If you go down to the woods today,......

  2. Very cute...but if i bring my girls it won't stay pretty like that for long....

  3. What a beautiful setting:) I have two big girls that would be happy to come and play along, Miss 8 loves a good party. xx

  4. Oh, my two would love this! (Did you climb a tree to take that photo??)

  5. Beautiful! I would love to come to your picnic! Looks divine! (giggling at Gillians comment, I was thinking gee she must be quite tall!) :-)


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