Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jasmine and Oranges

Welcome back! How lovely to see you again. Come in, come in.

I was inspired by the glorious autumn colours today so I've gone a bit fruity and herbal. I'm serving jasmine tea in my favourite retro orange tea cups. Yes, out on the lawn. Off you go. If you find a sunny spot you shouldn't be too cold. There's a delicious orange and walnut cake too. Help yourself!

Thanks to all your donations, we've already hit my fundraising goal of $500. But I say why stop there? Let's keep going and see if we can double it. And if you haven't already, head back here to be included in the giveaway.


  1. That cake sounds so nice and i have a bunch of oranges just picked off the tree...any chance you have a recipe to share for that one? Loving these morning teas...such lovely ideas you have!

  2. Congratulations Greer, on reaching your goal! Such a great idea :)

  3. Congrats on reaching your fundraising goal! I reckon you can double it easy, with all your lovely, like minded and generous blog followers. Xx bri

  4. Wow, you reached your goal, brilliant! That cake looks very grown up and delicious. I am bit caked out after the weekend but could make room for a slice of that.


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