Monday, May 21, 2012

Earl Grey

Well, good morning. Welcome. Come in. No, that's fine, you can keep your shoes on. Or take them off if you feel more comfortable. Make yourself at home. There's a pot of Earl Grey brewing on the sideboard. Help yourself to a cup. Oh, thank you, it is a gorgeous tea set. It belonged to my Granny. I'm just off to grab the vanilla pear and raspberry 'little' cakes out of the oven. Of course you can have the recipe. I'll be sure to write it out for you before you go.

That? Over there on the right? Oh, that's my button. I made it myself! You just click on there and throw your spare change in. All funds raised will go towards the Cancer Council's research, prevention programs and support services.'ll have the chance to win some great prizes here on my blog. I'll give you all that information a bit later. But in the meantime, pull up a chair.

Ooh, I think that's the doorbell again. Just a tick...


  1. What a wonderful idea Greer, & what a beautiful blog you have too.It is full of treasures!
    I will pop over to your handmade button a bit later & donate...

  2. Mmm, I'll have two of those little cakes please Greer. Oh, I've got pears in the fruit bowl and raspberries in the freezer, so go see who's at the door and come back with that recipe...

  3. Morning to you to.....wondering if you had coffee on too, it's been a busy morning! Donation, check!

  4. Oh how feels just like a special morning tea...and what a gorgeous teaset! I have to make some of those little cakes...thanks for sharing!Love the could i not donate?

  5. Such a lovely idea Greer - I am so sorry that your lost your Mum. Cancer has affected my family too - and millions of others. I have donated, and am very excited to see that you are near your goal! I am drinking a cup of tea now and eating a slice of tea loaf...although miles and oceans are between us I love how blogging makes people feel connected. I do hope this week is a huge success for you. xx

  6. Absolutely lovely post this morning!


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