Tuesday, May 1, 2012

From Beneath

Well, good morning, lovely people. How are you on this fine morning? I hope you're having a wonderful day, full of sunshine, lollipops and apples*.

So, it turns out something died under our house and now there are enormous fat maggots crawling up through the cracks in the floorboards into our lounge room.

Yes, maggots.

When we returned home from Sydney yesterday, there were a couple of dozen of them congregating near the heater. We didn't know what they were, but I swept them up and set them aside. A kindly handyman was due any minute to paint the ceiling, so I thought I'd show them to him and ask his opinion.

Me: "Do you have any idea what these grubs are?
Him: "Those? Why, they're maggots, milady."


I've picked up a few every hour or so since.

Snakes in the grass. Killer possums waging war on the roof. Uber-mice in the kitchen.

And maggots crawling out of the rotting carcass of a non-specific dead animal and straight into our home.

How sweet this country life.

* I do not have a photo of the maggots. Enjoy this one of some apples instead.


  1. I picked up half a dozen bags of horse poo a couple of weeks back and left them in the car overnight. Graeme emptied the car the next day and the entire boot was crawling with maggots. Never in my life have I seen so many. He vacuumed the lot up, but there have been flies in the car ever since! Needless to say, I now take the poo out of the car the minute I get home and leave it to bake in the sun for a while!

  2. Oh my.....that is some spot you've found!! lol
    Any chance you can remove the 'beast' from under the house (not sure who'd draw the short straw!) yuck......
    Vanessa.....that is just nasty! ew!

  3. Snakes, possums and mice here too, all in the two years we've lived here - and we are 7km from the city in a suburban home! But dead animal under the house and maggots - THANKGOD we haven't had that yet! Good luck x

  4. Oh dear... I am definitely too wimpy for country life! Good luck, hope you manage to get rid of the maggots. x

  5. Eeewwww - but how sweet {as you say} is country life. Mine is spiders, but for the sake of my little ones and a husband that travels away, a lot - I'm slowly starting to learn to deal with them......involuntary shivers.

    I hope the situation is sorted sooner rather then later for you.

    Nina x

  6. Only possums and a rat here in suburban Brisbane, so far. Not sure I'd cope so well with maggots coming through the floor boards!

  7. Ew, ew, ew! I admire your steadfastness. I think I might have relocated to a hotel until the critters were gone. (Mice, fine. Possums, fine. Snakes, pretty cool. Maggots, no!)

  8. The only thing worse for me would have been the snakes!

  9. I have to admit that I'm exactly the same with all things maggot, snake and rodent. Spiders I can handle. This past summer we had a brown snake bite our dog right near our house. I had second thoughts about this country life too. But I guess we just have to be watchful, and hope for the best. At least the pros outweight the cons out here :)

  10. Gross! While i like to pretend I'm a country girl, I know that at heart at I am a daughter of suburbia. We had a holiday in the middle of nowhere last year and the spiders, huge!! And that's just UK spiders, not those scary Aussie ones!

  11. Now that is disgusting! Poor you. I think I could probably deal with the snakes and other stuff, but those creepy crawlies just make me squirm. Hope you can get it cleared up soon!

  12. Greer, I read this at work during the week and didn't have time to comment. But the story has haunted me ever since. HAUNTED ME. Maggots are my worst fear. Can you move? Kellie xx


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