Monday, July 2, 2012


Reminiscing, this night, about five years ago when the contractions were coming thick and strong.

And feeling a bit nostalgic for that last night before the world changed...

..but so glad it did.

(Also, on a practical note, very glad to have fixed these sleeves).


  1. I was really affected when my daughter turned 5. It's a big one, not so sure why, maybe it's because they are so close to big school. I hope she has a very special day tomorrow. xxx

  2. I have loved 5. They're so inquisitive about the world.
    Also, the sleeves look perfect.

  3. I hear you! But what a truly marvellous job it looks like you have done...and not just with those sleeves either...

  4. Love the sleeves!!! Glad you like them too.

  5. Time does fly, doesn't it? Happy Birthday to your little one.

  6. The sleeves look good, it's true. Five is an awesome age, so full of questions and curiosity but still "little".

  7. Happy birthday to your big girl. Hope she has a lovely day... And by the way, thank you for what you said. I could give you a big hug. (It's been a crappy few days.)

  8. What an improvement! Were there nerves while ripping back? I would have been quite anxious! Well worth the effort though.

    Best wishes for a wonderful birthday for your big girl! :)

  9. Hello - I have nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Details on my blog. Please don't feel you have to take part, tagging is not for everyone, but it's just to say I really like your blog! Gillian x


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