Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Photo A Day July

My very talented photographer friend Briony of Brisbane-based Catch Photography has been hosting a mini Photo A Day group on her Facebook page. You'd have to have been living under a rock not to know about this fun, not-so-little daily photo challenge run by Fat Mum Slim. I couldn't get my act together to start in June, but after completing July's list, I'm hooked. I thought I'd post the lot in one go.

1. self portrait
2. busy   3. best part of your day
4. fun   5. on the floor

6. chair
7. garden   8. lunch
9. big   10. your favourite colour

11. letter
12. texture   13. open
14. building   15. finger

16. sign   17. your addiction
18. plate
19. animal/insect/pet   20. eyes

20. 9 o'clock
21. upside down   22. mirror
23. stranger   24. heart

26. sunshine  27. on the road
28. cup  29. last thing you bought
30. calm  31. toothbrush


  1. Love your idea of posting all of your pictures at once! Your photos look gorgeous alone, but even more so combined x

  2. I love those picture a day challenges! I don't have nearly the nice pictures that I usually see for those (and really, most of mine end up being my naked children running around - or chickens), but I do enjoy looking at everyone else's pictures! And it is nice to look at the progression of a month all in one post! Thanks for sharing!

  3. what a great collection of images- beautiful details. how do you make those montages? they look so pretty!

  4. LOVE this. I have often been tempted by the photo a day challenge but didn't want to clutter up my blog with it, and feel obliged to post daily. But doing one monthly post like this is a great idea.

    Do you realise that your photos are really, really good? You always seem to capture moments and expressions beautifully.

    1. You are far too kind, Gillian. Thanks x

  5. Oh my....what a wonderful collection. Love 'Stranger' - just awesome to think he has no idea he's been blogged!
    Love you (and my potential new Thermomix!) - thought that might get a reply! xxx

  6. Awesome pics, Greer. I might have to go check out this challenge, it seems I have been living under a rock...

  7. Greer, these photos are amazing! I should have hit you up for some tips on Saturday! seriously, I love every single one. Belinda x


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