Thursday, August 2, 2012

Eight Things

Inspired by Soulemama's Ten Things, and because I'm sorely lacking inspiration for much else, here are eight things making me smile today:

- my two youngest arguing over who gets the latest mama-made pants (upsized Quick Change Trousers like these ones - oh, would you look how much my babes have grown!)

 - the GM and Lola disappearing off into a quiet corner several times a day to work through the Roald Dahl collection.

- vintage sewing patterns in the right size.

- Earl Grey leaf tea, made proper-like, in a pot - almost as good as when my pal Sophia makes it. Hers is the best.

- pretty flowers in a pot, from the same Sophia.

- Matthew Evans's glorious cookbook 'Winter on the Farm'. His twice-cooked pork shoulder had us swooning last weekend (rivalling Jamie's overnight version), and the macadamia butternut biscuits are pretty bloody delicious too.

- my big girl's blossoming artistic streak. That's a pirate with a princess.

- my latest Etsy purchase, two gorgeous wool-backed, upcycled fabric cushions from Neon Vintage

Oh, make that nine things - I was so pleased to see Gillian finally received her orange mitts. She models them so well, don't you think?


  1. I just found a scrap of 1960/70s wallpaper behind a false wall in our house that is almost the exact same orange print as the fabric in your first picture!!! A classic!

  2. Ha ha....our old house at Bowral had the very same wall paper as your pants. Oh the memeories just came rushing back.
    Looks like a wonderful week x

  3. i peeked into a box of vintage fabrics that i haven't unpacked yet and it made my sewing fingers itchy. now your gorgeous pants are going to bring me undone! must...unpack...tupperware...before...setting...up...sewing!

  4. oh so gorgeous. your mama made pants are the best!!! :)

    those are amazing orange mitts too and i love earl grey loose tea. yummy

    Barnicles x

  5. It really is lovely to see their creative side shine through. One of the many joys, huh?

  6. What a wonderful list...i enjoyed having a peek...and love those vintage patterns...i have been looking for something similar to that first little dress one with the collar for ages!!!

  7. your smile must be huge today, what a lot of happy ;-)

  8. Full of inspiration now that I've seen your photo list. Thank you!

  9. All your pics could so easily be interchanged with things here :) Cyclamens are one of my favourite flowers. I have that same vintage sheeting and am a big fan of the quick change trouser. Winter on the Farm is also on my shelf. The stout pie was a huge hit here and we loved the semolina gnocchi and the honey date loaf. Must try the pork shoulder soon. Sounds delicious.

  10. I saw your patterns and I instantly thought of my SIL's Facebook last night... she and her friends were mocking smocked dresses and overall pants. I was SHOCKED! Must be the generation... I love patterns like these!

  11. What a lovely list - so many good things there. Thanks for the mention. I would fight your girls for the trousers in the first photo. That fabric... x

  12. Dear Greer, I feel so lucky to have met you on Saturday and sat next to you and the way you tried to answer my camera questions. I love all these pictures, especially the cook book shot. You girls are just the sweetest little blue eyed wonders, I can't imagine the fun you must have. I look forward to following your blog. Roberta x

  13. I am new to your blog, but already I love it. Your photos are already so beautiful....can't wait to see more. Your days look a lot like ours, with Roald Dahl, quick change trousers, and thousands of drawings by my girls (I have 3 as well). I'm glad to have found this space.

  14. i have that same beautiful yellow sheet... mine's threadbare though, and hasn't evolved into anything new :-)


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