Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

A sprinkling of lovely from the week:

1) Sunshine and curls.
2) I've been focusing all of my springtime energy on the huge magnolia behind the house, not even realising that the smaller tree in full bloom at the bottom of the garden was also a magnolia.
3) The relentless pursuit of mess art.
4) Baked goods, as requested by the lord of the manor.
5) Cut branches from our peach tree surprising us by bursting into bright pink bloom with the warmth of the fire (the tree itself is not yet in flower).
6) Best mates.

Wishing you bucketloads of good stuff in the week to come.


  1. What a beautiful collection of images, and what a lovely week! I love Magnolia Stellata, they're so much more delicate than the more luscious varieties. And those brownies look amazing, I really must do some baking tomorrow...xx

  2. I love your Sunday Lovelies posts - celebrating the good things. Those brownies look amaaaazing, and the blossom is so pretty. x

  3. it might be messy but it keeps them in one place busy! Lovely Sunday photos!

  4. Oh those paint look fabulous! great shots Greer! xx


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