Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Lovelies

The Lovelies are back! Lining up for the past week:

1) Caramel pear upside down cake from 'Winter on the Farm' by Matthew Evans. I can still smell the cardamom.
2) The swing has always been her favourite.
3) Truffula trees.
4) Back garden harvest. I'm thinking of preserving some and making lemon curd with the rest. Any other suggestions?
5) The first spring bloom on our magnolia.
6) Remembering how much I love knitting with Cascade Eco Wool.

A warm welcome to my newest readers. Let's hope there's lots of lovely for us all in the week to come x


  1. hello spring! we planted a little gem for our firstborn. that cake looks lush. such lovelies, thanks for sharing. :)sarah

  2. Spring has officially reached Brisbane...everything smells like jasmine...I love this time of year!
    Gorgeous photos!

  3. Such goodness! I love Eco wool too. My first adult sweater was made from it, and I love the piece.

  4. Yay for Sunday lovelies! All good things in this post. That cake looks good. I like seeing the little signs of Spring in your recent posts. x

  5. Just beautiful. Love that wool. Add the truffula tree! x

  6. Hello Greer, been following your blog for a while (via Gillian above and Tania from Ivy Nest) Isn't it wonderful that spring is coming! but still have one more winter beanie to finish knitting...Love the magnolia, Cheers, Liz near Wollongong

  7. Oh Greer, that cake looks divine! Hope you have a lovely week too. xx

  8. Lemon drizzle cakes - lots of them! Yum.

  9. oh that cake ......yum! looking forward to seeing what you are knitting x

  10. Hi Greer, just wanted to say thank you for your lovely comment you left me on my blog. Hope you don't mind, I popped over for a nosey and I have had a lovely time reading yours, you have a gorgeous blog and I'm looking forward to following your adventures. Love Haylie@RubieMagpieX

    P.s I adore your Friday 'This Moment' picture. It's pricelessly beautiful! x


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