Monday, August 20, 2012


Two of my girls will eat a toasted cheese sandwich for lunch every day of the week, if I let them. The other has developed a bit of a thing for 'shoop'.

"What's for lunch today, Pearl?"

It's not fancy grown-up shoop, overnight-soaked or slow-simmered. It's whatever's in the fridge, last-night's leftovers, quick and easy shoop. 

We usually peel a carrot, a potato and some sweet potato, diced large, and saute it in a saucepan with some celery and garlic, diced small. Chicken stock is added, about 500ml, and some sliced green beans. When the vegies are tender - about 10-15 minutes - we throw in last night's leftover pasta or rice or noodles, some chopped chicken, if there's any, and a handful of frozen peas.

And that's it. Shoop. 

Easy. Nutritious. Apparently quite tasty.


  1. Love it.....that is my 2 year old all wrapped up!!

  2. gorgeous - wish my 2 would eat 'shoop'

  3. I agree that soup is delicious. My youngest would eat cereal every single day for every single meal!

  4. greer, this HAS to be one of my favourite posts from you :)

  5. ahh, shoop! this is too gorgeous. one of my guys will only eat a salad plate. he loves kincumbers the best.

  6. Aren't your girls good eaters! I would be ecstatic if Angus ate a spoonful of this, he refuses to eat ALL veggies at the moment. It looks delicious, I have to say. And yay to cheese toasties seven days a week. x

  7. Hello....I notice Pearl in the piccis, but any Stellie??? How fortuitous you write about soup today - we had pumpkin,carrot & bacon soup last night and Olive ate 3 bowls full! Ah, our Pearlie, she's a champ! xxx

    1. Fifth photo down, those are Stella's hands! She eats the shoop too, just slightly against her will, and only the beige bits x

  8. I wish Baby C would eat shoop. Or soup. Or anything other than porridge!

  9. I totally get it....I love "shoop" too!!! (a much better name than Refrigerator slop; I think I'll change our name)

  10. Yum, that shoop looks delish! My boy went through a phase of only wanting cheese toasties. He won't go near them now! x


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