Monday, July 30, 2012

Bits and Pieces

We had 10 house guests on Saturday night, a Christmas in July celebration with very good friends and beautiful kids. The weekend before, another lovely friend and her babe stayed a few nights. In the lead-up to that, a colleague was here in our house for six days in a row, training the GM and I on some new software for work. And prior to that, it was school holidays and all the fifth birthday celebrations. 

It's been a busy July.

As the calendar turns, I'm feeling a change in the wind and the call of quiet. We're over the hump of winter, our first since making the big country move. It's been cold, we've burnt a lot of wood, but we've been fine - far finer than I feared we'd be. And just around the corner is spring and all it promises in the garden. One of the reasons for this move was to have more space to grow food. It's time to talk seeds and mulch.

I'm starting August with a glorious gift to myself, a day learning about photography with Tim Coulson. I'm only just a tiny, weeny bit excited!!!

And then, brace yourselves...and pray for me if that's your's time to toilet-train. I've been putting it off till the weather warms up and the trainees are wearing fewer layers every day. And frankly, I've been struggling to find the energy or will. But they are ready, practically begging for it, and we have an overseas holiday at the end of the year, so it's time. If anyone has ever toilet-trained twins, your advice is completely welcome.

So, next month we'll be staying home, drawing our focus in, perhaps doing a bit of pre-spring spring cleaning, clearing out some clutter (yes, this book is speaking to me) and giving the washing machine and disinfectant bottle a workout. 

And knitting. Always knitting.


  1. holy moly, that is some busy times! i don't envy you all those nights of house guests (but do envy the company a little!). Those photography courses look amazing, he is one talented dude. Best, best wishes for the toilet training. :)sarah

  2. I sat here last night after reading Jodi's post saying to hubbie 'I'd meet Greer if I went on this Tim Coulson course!'. You make it so tempting. Would love to meet you, but I'm already signed up (this week actually!) on a food photography course. I would LOVE to do both, but hey. Please report back! Oh, and good luck with the toilet training. I still remember that bloody awful couple of weeks first time round.

  3. Okay, so I don't know if this makes sense for your twinned, but a friend of mine really focused on one twin for a week (the most ready), even getting a friend or relative to care for the other little girl during that week as much as poss. Then, once the first was well on her way with a weeks solid coaching, she brought twin two into the loop during the second week. I presume the benefits of peer pressure and copying came into play (and frankly, when she'd tried starting them both off at the same time a few months earlier, there weren't enough knickers in the city!)

  4. Oh dear...i am so dreading toilet training twins...the nappies seem like less work somehow! I am waiting until the weather warms up a little...but then i am out of excuses!Good luck...i shall eagerly await your stories!!!
    Enjoy your lovely photography gift!!

  5. Good luck with the toilet training...Angus is three and still refusing to use potty or toilet. Need to try again this summer really. Can you tell I'm not very excited by that? But everyone says girls are easier (my girl was) so I'm sure your girls will ace it!

    Very jealous of your photography course - i totally match all the criteria and have no idea what I am doing with my DSLR. Your photos are always amazing, so this just means that after the course they will be extra-amazing. xx


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