Thursday, July 26, 2012

Redressing the Balance

Lately, there's been a lot of whining in this space about the two-year-old terrors. 

I feel a sudden need to balance the reporting.

Because I fear it may have become lost in transmission just how much I adore this pair.

And how beautiful they are.

And, oh, how gorgeous the relationship they share.

How lucky for me that I am theirs and they are mine.

(Might I add, avoiding another horror mealtime by giving them popcorn for dinner on a picnic rug in front of 'Giggle and Hoot' certainly helps...)


  1. Beautiful, beautiful post :D

    There are twins living opposite me, six years old now. They play out a lot in our quiet cul de sac and so I see them often. And they are always dressed identically, always, right down to their shoes, socks and hair ribbons, and have been since they were babies. Presumably if one gets in a mess both are changed into clean clothes. It is a breath of fresh air seeing two individuals with such a bond smiling out at me here, rather than two clones.

  2. They're gorgeous girls, but something about the mischief in their smiles tells me they would keep a mama on her toes!

  3. Oh they are truly adorable, and it is just part of growing up. I am sure all of us mums out there all have those days too.

  4. Double the trouble ... but double the fun and double the love? They are so gorgeous, Greer. Kellie xx

  5. There is no doubt how much you adore these two Greer, they are absolutely adorable and their connection is lovely to see :)
    My twin sisters are in their early 30's now and still share such a very close bond.

  6. Oh they are so cute! Yes, popcorn for dinner and Giggle and Hoot is certainly the path of least resistance; and the path of least resistance is the way to go, I find :).

  7. They are too cute for words! Especially in those hats - I wouldn't be able to say no to them. Tonight Angus ate fish fingers in front of Cars 2. It was just easier that way.

  8. Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I know that there is a balance to keep, but sometimes things are just hard. I'm glad you are seeing the good in your beauties too! Love and luck to you momma!

  9. Oh, Greer! No explanation needed. Your girls are beautiful (as is the one not pictured). These two are a hoot! That's probably how you keep your good figure... they keep you busy. I think I can just hear the air filling with giggles!


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