Monday, July 16, 2012


Lemons plucked by little hands from the tree at the bottom of the garden, left abandoned.

Thrifted pillowcases destined for toddler fashions. 

And an unexpected delivery in the mail of the very best kind. 

A while I ago I pledged support for the Ton of Wool project. Basically, I handed over a small amount of cash in exchange for a skein of yarn. But not just any yarn. This is 100% pure Cormo wool that was grown and processed entirely in Australia, rather than being shipped to China as is usually the case with Aussie wool. My small pledge for the project was rewarded with 100 grams of the ton of wool that took the journey "from sheep to skein". The yarn is so soft and squishy - I've been sniffing and squeezing it all afternoon. And when faced with the colour options, I decided to go against my usual habits, ignoring the vibrant reds and moody greys, instead opting for something I would never normally buy - bright, lurid yellow.

The perfect match for this incredible sunny day.


  1. What beautiful yarn. I can see why it makes you happy. Gorgeous!

  2. What a bright lovely post. What a neat endeavor. I think I would cuddle the yarn too.

  3. Lovely, sunshine-y post to brighten up my dreary rainy Monday lunchtime. Those thrifted pillowcases are very nice. I am always searching our local charity shops for such treasures but no luck. Looking forward to seeing what lovliness you create with that yellow wool. x

  4. An abandoned lemon tree!! I'd be jumping over your back fence to pinch some if i lived near by!

    rachel xo

  5. Those pillow cases are going to be darling little frocks. I hope you'll show us the final product!


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